“Asia Gaming Genealogy Tree” is an ambitious project aimed at mapping the networks and connections between the key movers and shakers in Asia's gaming industry.

The Gaming Tree will become a must-have guide for anyone looking to engage with the Asian gaming market, and for anyone looking to identify the key movers and shakers in each market, field, and function - and who they're connected to.

Each year, the Gaming Tree will come in the form of an updated print version - "The YearBook". In the future members will also be able to browse the tree online.

Our Inaugural Gaming Tree Reunion Party will be held on May 16, 2018 at St. Regis in Macao - a casual night of fun and entertainment, where we catch up with old friends, and meet new. 



The Gaming Tree is the network of people who have dedicated their careers to shaping the Asia Gaming Industry. Who did they work with and when, where have they gone since, and where are they now?
Every year the Asia Gaming Industry comes together under one roof to rekindle their connections, discuss their experiences and look towards the future.<br /> The reunion event will also be charged with the induction of new members to the tree and the celebration of some of its most active members, as mentors and innovators, as well as those recognized by peers as having made an outstanding contribution to the industry.
The "Yearbook" is a print edition of the Gaming Tree, which will include the members of the Gaming Tree up to that year's edition.
The Gaming Tree is the premier network of Asia Gaming stakeholders. You’ll have an opportunity to meet and converse with the people who have shaped the industry.
You will need to be inducted by an existing member.
You can vouch for anyone with whom you have worked in the industry, as a co-worker, associate, partner, client or vendor. You will nominate a person who you deem to be an invaluable link in the chain, be it an operator, supplier, or service provider.
Members can nominate their colleagues to be included in the Gaming Tree throughout the year via the website/ web app.
Every year, at the Reunion Event, the new members that have been nominated in the past 12 months will be announced.
It will never stop growing! On inception the tree grew from a core of 28 branches. You'll be able to view a graphical render of the network in a dynamic, browsable format online. A print version of the Yearbook will be published every year and distributed among the members.
Yes. The Reunion Event will provide an occasion to celebrate the outstanding achievements of some of its most active members, as mentors, innovators, leaders, among other special contributions.<br /> We will also host a remembrance for the Legends we have lost since the last Reunion.
Upon induction, members are prompted to nominate in the special contribution categories. Those getting the most nods from their peers will be recognized at the Reunion Dinner.
The Reunion is a great opportunity to get a member to induct you! You’ll share a meal with some of the most influential people in the industry - who knows what might come of that...
All Gaming Tree members are invited to the Reunion Event celebrations.
The Gaming Tree recognizes the most influential stakeholders, no matter years of experience or age of participant.
Members will be able to browse the tree online or in a copy of the Yearbook.
Your data will not be shared with any third parties. Only other members of the Gaming Tree can view any private information you share.
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